Underground Domestic Tank

Ranked number #1 in overall performance for Protective Coatings applied on Underground Propane Tanks

Fabricated to A.S.M.E. code, Section VIII, Division 1

Registered with the National Board

Registered with CRN (Canadian Registration Number)

Tank features:

  • 120-2,000 wg
  • Superior, ready to bury, red oxide durable powder coating
  • Black polyethylene shroud for durability and easy access
  • Duplicate stainless steel nameplate
  • Anode bolt attached on riser for easy, secure cathodic connection
  • Dual lifting lugs for 500 wg and 1,000 wg
  • Steel galvanized domes in select colors
  • Vacuum Purge
  • #72 liquid level outage valve orifice

ug domestic tanks

General Specifications

  • Conforms to the latest edition and addenda of the ASME code for Pressure Vessels, Section VIII, Division 1. Complies with NFPA 58.
  • Rated at 250 psig from -20° F. to 125° F. All tanks may be evacuated to a full (14.7 psi) vacuum.
  • Vessel Finish: Coated with TGIC red powder.
* Applicable federal, state, or local regulations may contain specific requirements for protective coatings and cathodic protection. The purchaser and installer are responsible for compliance with all federal state, local and NFPA Industry regulations. Cathodic protection is required and coating must be continuous and uninterrupted and must comply with local, state or national code.

underground vessel dimensional information

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